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Skarga do KE w sprawie braku mostów dla zwierząt nad budowanymi przez Lubuskie autostradami

Dear Sir,

I would like to inform You that there is a huge problem with the access to information on planned road and motorway investments in Poland. The only thing I could do as a Green is to appeal to the road builders that they should consider the wildlife sending them such charts ( ). Well, they do it, but mostly without proper knowledge, they build infrastructure that is of no use for animals because it is badly planned and so on. Currenly I have no influence of any sort on any of the investments made in my area where I come from- the Lebus Palatinate (Województwo Lubuskie). I can give You some examples of how the rights of animals were ommited:

Motorway A18

This motorway was build in 1936-1938 by the Nazi Government of the 3rd Reich. In recent years using the EU funds a new carriageway was added. Now the old carriageway will be replaced or is being replaced. The motorway is located nearly entirely within wooded areas. As far as I know, no passage, bridge for animals was added, so that the motoway creates a barrier for migrating animals in the largest woods complex in southern Poland. Such bridge could be added even now- the works are still in progress.

Motorway or expressway S3

During the construction of the section Racula- Nowa Sól I appealed for the construction of passages for animals. Ii seems that I got no response from the office that I addressed (GDDKiA in Zielona Góra). Such passages were added, in fact the project was ended shortly before construction works started (I wonder if it was because of my appeal). However, what was added, is small, narrow, kind of a tunnel under a motorway. Sadly, it seems unsuitable for larger animals, kind of a misplanned investment. What more, the tunel ends in a frequented local road (Zielona Góra- Niedoradz- Nowa Sól) that goes parelelly. Local media observed that poor animals will die even if they cross the tunnels. In my opinion they most probably will not die, because no larger animal will use such tunnel. I wanted and asked for a large brigde over motorway with trees on top, and got three smaller passages. Costs would be the same, but the animals would rather use the large bridge that 3 smaller tunnels ending in a local road. A large bridge could still be added.

Animals cross the S3 only in the suburbs of Zielona Góra, where the expressway goes over a long viaduct over the rail tracks. It is wide enough for animals to cross, deers and so on. They enter the communal forests around the town, that are cut off from the rest by the motorway.

Motorway A2

Is to be built soon. Works may start this year or 2009. There is a private investro, and is not obliged by Polish law to do any public hearings or anything of that kind. I asked many times for exact plans- got none. I treatened that I will sue them- with no response (there is no obligation in Polish law that obliges them to reveal their plans). I wanted to know where the passages for animals will be located- I got no answer. Some will be, but in the nearby Wielkopolska they were located for example not in woods, but on fields. How should animals migrate? Lebus Palatinate (Lubuskie) is the most wooded region in Poland. The motorway crosses the wooded areas somewhere in the middle.

Even in Zielona Góra there is a case of a road crossing the local park (Park Piastowski) located on a hill. I wanted the road to go in a short 80 meters section in a tunel, to avoid cutting the park area in two, something like these bridges for animals, that are no really expensive, but I could not force out from town authorities to prepare even a document stipulating real costs of my proposal. Please act, to force some changes, so that people would know about the investments, and could have some influence on planning/ project stage. In other countries it is possible. Please also do someting with the investments that are in realisation and create a barrier for wildlife.

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